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Introducing the Cape County Health App, a new health hub for Cape Girardeau County residents.

Key and timely health messages

Your health matters, and so does access to your local health department. Let our official app be your hub for key and timely public health messages and resources.

Essential health alerts that help you live healthy.

The Cape County Health app allows you to promptly receive important health and safety alerts, and message the appropriate health professional you need, when you need them.

Your access to locations, events, services & more.

Find nearby locations for critical health services, track public health events of interest, and access the latest information about many of the services, programs, training, and education available for:
Environmental Public Health
Communicable Disease Control
Maternal, Child & Family Health
Chronic Disease Prevention
Community Support

Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center

We serve all Cape Girardeau community residents by offering a variety of programs and services that promote good health and protect the county's public health.